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2022-23 Season

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MOTOE 1.jpg

Hercule Poirot:

Monsieur Bouc:

Mary Debenham:

Hector MacQueen:


Princess Dragomiroff:

Greta Ohlsson:

Countess Andreyni

Helen Hubbard:

Colonel Arbuthnot:

Samuel Ratchett:

Head Waitress:

Shayne Doherty

Adam Heroux

Allison Rudmann Putnam

Craig Ciampa

Mark Rolli

Anne Damon

Catherine Haverkampf

Kristie Norris

Jennifer Gasser

Mike Hadad

Jason Myatt

Kate Mahoney

Directed by Chris Cardoni

November 3 - 12, 2022


Directed by Katie Swimm

March 2- 18, 2023









Lisa Tierney

Matthew Ford 

Matt Welch 

Lila Hoffman

Sean Donnelly

Nicole Burke

Brian Higgins 
Emily Lambert

Ensemble: Robert Orzalli, Tom Marsh, Shai Wolf, Paul Nelson, Maddie Sabin, Jenny Wiech-Delaney,  Barbara Kessler, Melissa Paz


Casa Valentina

By Harvey Fierstein

Directed by Donnie Baillargeon (The Price, Fun Home)


Friday, May 5 8pm
Saturday, May 6 2pm & 8pm
Thursday, May 11 & Friday, May 12 8pm
Saturday, May 13 2pm & 8pm
Thursday, May 18 & Friday, May 19 8pm
Saturday, May 20 2pm & 8pm
During the summer of 1962 mainstream society had very little room for any behavior considered out of the norm. These were still the days that men were to behave “like men”, and nobody was to be outrageous (except Jerry Lewis). But, if you were a man who dressed in women’s clothes, there were few opportunities for finding community, let alone understanding. It is in this “ancient” society that George and Rita have built a refuge in the Catskills for men to express their true selves; where George can rule the roost as Valentina: a house bursting with music, conversation, and conviviality. Yet, the bonds of the community are severely strained when a leader for a national “Sorority” movement comes to the Catskills to recruit them. But joining this Sorority might cost them more than they’re willing to pay: their anonymity, their friends, and fundamentally perhaps, a piece of themselves. In Casa Valentina, we find that there are no easy answers, no perfect havens, no painless choices and that the “only way out, is through”.








The Judge/Amy


Susan Gilbert

Nick Miller

Jason Rutledge

Jim Ansart

John Pease

Peyton Pugmire

Brian O'Hara

Bill Novakowski

Christina Petrillo


Maytag Virgin

By Audrey Cefaly

Directed by Celia Couture (Silent Sky)

Jack Key: Craig Ciampa

Lizzy Nash: Jennifer Shea


Friday, July 21 8pm
Saturday, July 22 2pm & 8pm
Thursday, July 27 & Friday, July 28 8pm
Saturday, July 29 2pm & 8pm
Thursday, Aug. 3 & Friday, Aug. 4 8pm
Saturday, Aug.  5 2pm & 8pm
In Maytag Virgin, Audrey Cefaly’s 21st-century take on romance after loss, two neighbors are working through their own pain and guilt, each finding a way back to the “land of the living” after losing their spouse. Jack has just moved to this Alabama neighborhood to start working at the high school that Lizzy has lately taken time off from, still grieving from the death of her husband. Jack spends much of the first year in his new home updating and redecorating it, but he has left a Maytag dryer sitting on his porch for what some people (Lizzy included) would feel is way too long. Lizzy always dries her laundry on clothes lines and is suspicious about this machine; she also makes it a point to express her displeasure with Jack’s refusal to move the Maytag inside. It takes some time and effort from them both, but eventually, Lizzy starts loosening up around Jack. Over the course of Jack’s first year in the neighborhood, he and Lizzy find a path towards friendship and beyond. They are coming to terms with their losses and accepting what they have gained in the aftermath.
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