Subscription Special: 3 Play Series!


Give the Gift of Live Theater!

 For a limited time, the Vokes Players are pleased to offer a special 3 Play Subscription Series. This is the perfect holiday gift for the theater lover on your list! The three productions included in this special, limited time offer are:


The Body of An American by Dan O'Brien

The image: the body of a fallen American soldier desecrated by a mob in Mogadishu. Journalist Paul Watson’s famous photo had a lasting impact on America in an age of global terror, an impact keenly felt by the man who took that photo, and his life and career became a touchstone in the debate about the horrors of genocide. Dan O’Brien’s play intertwines his personal journey with his attempt to understand the world of a war reporter. Watson, haunted by the incident, his photo, and the soldier in it, questions his motives, his ethics, and the value of his profession. In conversations between journalist and playwright, they consider lives spent with danger, wanderlust, dislocation, and separation from family – as well as the lasting impact of one photograph on them and on world events. Contains adult themes. February 22 - March 10, 2018

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Communicating Doors by Alan Ayckbourn

Alan Ayckbourn constructs tightly wound stories about conventional people told in unconventional ways. In this play, Ayckbourn spins a story right out of The Twilight Zone, but the stamp of his wicked humor leaves no doubt of its heritage. The play starts in a hotel room in the near-future, where a sick old man hires a prostitute to profess his guilt for nefarious activities that made him a lot of money – and resulted in the deaths of his first two wives. From there, the action takes a few odder turns as the prostitute, in fear for her life, ducks into the “communicating door” of the hotel room and ends up…somewhere she wasn’t expecting at all. To tell any more would ruin the fun. It’s a tale of close calls, time travel, and cosmic retribution that would be hard to believe if you haven’t seen it for yourself. May 3 - May 19, 2018

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The Nance by Douglas Carter Beane

Chauncey Miles is a burlesque show "nance" -- a stock comedic character often played as a campy caricature of a gay man. Chauncey himself is a not-very-closeted gay man in 1937, who loves his work, loves his co-workers like family, loves his independence as an artist, and also loves Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia and the other New York Republicans. But the Mayor decides that indecency must be rooted out, and clamps down on “deviance” in New York theaters, threatening the life that Chauncey has built around himself – and perhaps his chance at real love. Douglas Carter Beane's play focuses on a man in the prime of his life, doing work he enjoys, living his life fully, harming nobody and yet condemned by a government and society that do not know or understand him. July 19 - August 4, 2018

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  • Lower Cost:  This special offer provides a discount of more than 15% below regular box office prices!

  • Great Seats:  You'll choose from the best available seats in the house, and once chosen, these seats will be yours for as long as you renew your subscription

  • Flexibility:  Exchange your seats up to 24 hours in advance of a regularly scheduled performance (subject to availability.) 

  • Special Event: You'll be invited to our annual Actor's Scene Night and you'll receive email notices of other special events and subscriber benefits.


Prices for this Limited Subscription Series:

  • Thursday Evening:  $48 each

  • Friday Evening:       $56 each

  • Saturday Evening:   $56 each

  • Saturday Matinee:   $48 each



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