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The Tempest

By William Shakespeare

Directed by D Schweppe

The Tempest is one of William Shakespeare’s strangest and most fascinating plays. A huge storm that forces a shipwreck on a remote island…magical spirits both dark and light that cause mischief, create illusions, and cast charms…a former duke who was betrayed and has been stranded on this same island with his daughter for 12 years. The elements of Prospero’s story are still engaging nearly 500 years later. The love of a father for his daughter; the first love of a young girl; the hot sting of revenge; the churning passions of young desire; the sad wisdom of compassion: all resonate for us and feel as alive and true now as they ever have in one of the immortal poet’s most challenging and beguiling plays:  “Such stuff as dreams are made on.”


Robert Zawistowski

Julian Willard

Rob Slotnick

Molly Shoemaker

Jason Rutledge

Kevin Nessman

Jason Myatt

Andy Moore

Kimberly MacCormack

Tom Dinger

Justin Budinoff

James Barton