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Price poster small.jpg


Victor Franz: Bob Williams

Esther Franz: Margaret McCarty

Gregory Solomon: Robert Zawistowski

Walter Franz: Bill Stambaugh

For our return to a full season of theater, we look to the work of one of our greatest playwrights, Arthur Miller. In The Price, Miller digs once again into the themes of family, resentment, accountability, loneliness, and courage. Two estranged brothers, still grappling with old hurts and barriers that have kept them apart for years, have a reunion of sorts, as they are finally selling their deceased parents’ furniture. Victor, an eligible-for-retirement policeman, is considering what to do with his life. Walter is a successful doctor, the brother who finished college. Victor put his dreams on hold to take care of his father, he believes. Now, on the cusp of a life-changing decision, he’s stuck and he doesn’t know whom to blame more – his brother, his father, or even his wife. How does one take the risk to begin anew? And what price do we pay to maintain the life we think we are supposed to lead?

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